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Carnival Wedding??

24 May Carnival Wedding
Carnival Wedding

A beautiful backyard wedding as seen in Real Simple Weddings and Green Wedding Shoes

Just saw this post on Green Wedding Shoes. Backyard weddings are back. A wonderful idea I do believe. You can see the full post on Green Wedding Shoes. Definitely going the with the strung light at my reception. I think I have finally decided on the theme. “Rustic Vintage Chic” not sure if that’s a real thing or just a hodge-podge of different design elements but I think I can pull it off.

Carnival Wedding from Green Wedding Shoes

With a Vintage Theme I am on the hunt for vintage furniture. My Grandmother has some great pieces I know she will let me use. Now off to the Thrift stores for some more inspiration. What  do you think about “Rustic Vintage Chic” ? Let me know in the comments after all with making most of the decor myself I don’t want to end up with a tacky display.