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Paper Flower Garland Backdrop | Ellinée journal | DIY Blog

26 May

So I have been looking into types of garland to hang at my wedding and for any of you DIY Brides out there you should definitely check out Ellinee Journal. Se has great paper flower templates.

Like This One

Paper Flower Garland Backdrop | Ellinée journal | DIY Blog.

I have an affinity for paper flowers. They make nice wedding favor decorations, centerpieces, and it will become something that you can display in your home after the wedding.

I have been to way to many weddings where the day after things just get dumped into the trash. Oh, how wonderful would this be as a headboard or even as a wall hanging.

One reason for DIY’ing my wedding is that many of the decorations will be reused in my home decor instead of sitting in a box gathering dust in the attic.

I hope you find some inspiration in this and wishing you all the best. Goodnight.